P.A.C.K. is a Four-Letter Word


One month to go.

One month before we hit the road and flee my beloved Joziburg™ to settle along the Garden Route.

One month of trying to hang onto my sanity…onto my visions of a tranquil future.

Today I thought it would be an excellent idea to deal with the CD/DVD collection. It was a Confucian blessing.


I am so not happy. Not at all happy. There are homeless discs. And there are discless boxes. And I know for certain that there is at least one album missing. I know who the culprit is.

About my height, in Grade 11, female. With a penchant for chaos…

I confess I am not the tidiest person around. I have an awfully short attention span – I get distracted in the midst of one task and trundle off to sort out another. Or I do something more interesting. Or read a book that I just found under a pile over there. Or get an amazing idea that needs instant web research.

But leaving lids off, or discs out, or having broken cases/containers/boxes? Other discs all shoved together in a totally random box?


There’s another four-letter word that ends in “C.K.” and I have a sense it is going to resound a lot more frequently in the next month.




Six million other trees



In August last year, I started this blog. I was in a pensive mood, caught up in my own thoughts about being a Joziburger™. A love/hate relationship that was part of what I had been and what I wanted to be…an editorial graphic designer vs a free-agent-who-will-do-anything-that-makes-life-interesting.

Some 220-plus applications for jobs, only five-or-so interviews, and only two replies………..that hurts. I have a CV that I am proud of, achievements that are singular, places I’ve been and seen, projects that wouldn’t have worked if I hadn’t thrown myself wholeheartedly into them.

That’s when you look in the mirror and wonder if your career was all just smoke….and mirrors.


…yes, hurts…


And not long after the blog launched, I decided I was quitting Joziburg™. Time to follow the dream I’d had since I was a pre-teen – go to the Garden Route, or live in the Klein Karoo.

I’ve done it. The house is sold. The transfer has been signed. The high school for The Empress has been chosen. In 48 days I am on my way.

To another place that has countless trees!

So, Joziburg’s™ Six Million Trees are about to morph into the Garden Route’s Six Million Trees! I am not leaving in order to never return – Joziburg™ is MY town….but I am following my heart.

Dream on.