I have many passions in my life.

Seeing new places is one of them. Then there’s writing and telling stories. And drawing, creating, designing, collecting fonts, reading, photography, hiking the far reaches of the world-wide-web, learning new things.

I have many loves in my life.

My children. My curiosity. Food. Good wine. Cooking. Reading. Special people.

I am a Joziburger™, born and bred. I love my city – she constantly amazes and surprises me. But I also love her beautiful sisters, the Karoo and the Garden Route. The three could not be more different, and yet they appeal to my multi-layered heart. And so, having devoted my whole life to Joziburg™, I decided I would move to the Garden Route to live, as well as to be able to visit the sister Karoo when my heart desires.

This blog was about Jozi and surrounds – the oddities, the things that made me smile, the things that made me wonder. And the people – who are the most eclectic, cosmopolitan, varied, eccentric, vibey, and inspirational.
But now it’s about a wider landscape. I hearken back to my home city, but I have immersed myself in this beautiful, multi-faceted coast. And now I am amongst multiple millions of trees,

Grateful thanks to my daughter for telling me that my observations will make interesting reading!


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