Where’s my water?

Pic: Delwyn Verasamy, M&G

Yup. Daar’s fokol water.

Joziburg™ and surrounds have a heatwave. A drought… The worst since 1992 (yeah, so I remember that one – 38ºC day after day – while pregnant).

Everyone is looking for someone to blame. Naturally, the gravy train is under scrutiny. (The interesting part about making gravy is that you need water.)

And – in typical Joziburg™ style – somebody decided to steal a water tanker, or two. My question is: was it for the water it contained or for the scrap metal or sell-on value of said tankers? I suspect it was a combination of the two.

Of course, the government is under scrutiny. Which individual failed to read the memo that said “Job Description: What We Want You To Do If You Are Appointed To This Position”?

And who failed at oversight? Checked that the Water Minion was doing his/her job?

Why does it seem to be so difficult to actually Do Your Job? Are you – Oh, Water Minion – running away in fear that you don’t understand water, or are you sitting in a plush restaurant, sipping Evian?

Why does governance appear to be a fairly Step-One-Step-Two-Step-Three procedure? Or am I missing the point about service delivery – that it is an incredibly complex concept that demands minions and sub-minions and deputy-minions and assistant-minions and wipe-my-nose-minions to succeed at governing?

Do. Your. Dam(n). Job.



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