Freakish Friday

I DO think I’m mad. Bloody crazy. Nuts. Gaga. Talk about biting off more than I can chew? Tomorrow is the day for doing that.

I am going to embrace my insane Joziburger™ self and Go Big Or Go Home.

First up: my inaugural meeting at the local chapter of BNI. This will be at 7am. Yes. 7am. Yay, for doing the school run at sunrise.    **thud**    I’m hoping I can slot in there, and make myself useful (and make myself some money), while finding out what the other members can do for me.

Second up: my inaugural training session for the Silver Surfer School. The ladies are apparently all geared up, Dear Mamma is a little revved, and I have to rock it like a star. Haha. Go, me. Just one small problem…the new printer I ordered is clearly making its way to me via ox wagon. So, no flashy brochures until that arrives. Bloody hell.

Lastly: I’m going to shadow one of the Pure Romance consultants (she’s kinda like my Team Leader) at a party in Centurion during the evening. 6MT hits the Yakkarandastad. With pink silicone and batteries, and divinely delightful personal products.


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