“…and what does this thing do?”

Mature CoupleThere I am.

Teaching older people to use their smart gadgets while trying to maintain my coolth. Meanwhile, the wi-fi is farked, and I’m faced with three of Microsoft’s worst operating systems (ok, they’re all bad, but I had to choose a number) on different laptops.

Never mind that there’s an iPad, two Android tablet systems, and a couple of smartphones lurking on the flowered tablecloth.

Four of Jozi’s finest pensioners are about to step onto the treadmill that is the Internet. One of Jozi’s finest unemployed graphic artists is about to see her arse.

“What does this do?”

“Why do I have this red dot with numbers up here?”

“What is Pinterest? How do I get it?”

“I want to do Twitter.”

“But I don’t want to see all these people!”

Somehow, I made it, without seeing my arse. But it was a valuable lesson. To me.

Do Not Try To Teach Four People Everything At Once.
(Yes, I had asked that I be informed beforehand what the requirements were, but that just didn’t happen. Or ‘the internet is the internet, how bad can it be?’)

Maybe it’s because I am a Joziburger™ and I am always ready to sommer “gooi alles”, cos that’s what regular Joziburgers™ do?


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