It’s like another country

george-south-africaThe words from my daughter as we drove down into George. Nothing I had described to her had as much impact as when she actually saw what we had thrown ourselves into.

It’s more South African and, yet, less South African. Or maybe, less Jozi. ….. Ok, definitely less Jozi!

The landscape is greener, the cows more plump. The mountains make the Magaliesberg look like pimples. The drive from Great Brak River (our temporary home) is filled with “oh my gosh” sights.

great_brakYesterday morning’s drive to school: the guinea fowl pik-pikking on the kerbside as we drove down out of the Tuscan-staail estate we are staying in; farm dams with mist rising off them – waterfowl glaring into the depths in search of breakfast; cattle clustered around a farmhand as he feeds them warm mash; a small plane taking off from the airport; the sun blinding me as I came up a hill and found myself stuck behind a bakkie – braking skillz FTW; the very short traffic jam from the traffic circle up to the turnoff to school; the drive back home (20 mins) to a quiet, hillside house where I can connect with my clients and sort out their requests.

And the day before that! Oh, my! Meeting the people I’ve been in contact with since early this year when I set out to become part of this community even before I arrived. Like lost friends, but an easy connection. Brainstorming, gossiping, chatting, jokes and stories.

There’s just one drawback…. my Joziburger™ impatience.

Househunting. Jeez. I am going to need to kick back and just chill about this issue.

It’s hard. Houses move w-a-y too fast. Not that they are anything to write home about. Oh no. Pretty kak. Or boring. Or overpriced. Estate agents bemoan the fact that stock sells within days. I’m actually wondering if they don’t all get together at the local Spur ribs-n-tjips night and plot on how to scare buyers into offering, just in case.

drive2skoolBut… I have a roof over our heads and food in the fridge. The teenager is in school. The cats have been liberated and are quite enjoying their new abode. The only problem is that the dawg has separation anxiety, all of a sudden. I need to sort this out.



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